Best Surf Fishing Rods Top #6 Ultimate Quality Saltwater Rods

Best Surf Fishing RodsThere are several folks who get pleasure from the big saltwater catches that surf fishing brings. Standing on the shore edge casting your tackle into the open sea brings excitement and new life to the sports of fishing. Surfing the coastline with the best surf fishing rods exposes you to likely big catches, therefore the equipment needed is very different from that of freshwater fishing.

The top surf fishing rods will have to endure the harsh conditions of saltwater fishing. The best rod would have the right strength, length, durability, action, and design. Quality surf fishing rods are unique in their design characteristics to be used for surf fishing.


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If you are a beginner or seasoned pro in the world of fishing and you are looking for the best surf fishing rod that is specially produced for surf fishing then the list at Amazon is huge and includes varieties of fishing rods for lakes, sea, and rivers.

Take a look at the fishing rods specially designed for surf fishing; the following top 10 surf fishing rods are excellent tools that will help you enjoy this natural correlation with the water.



Shakespeare Best Surf Fishing Rods:

Every angler has heard of the name Shakespeare. The company has been making fishing rods for decades. But, what is so good about them is that they have been manufacturing rods since 1976. Even though they did not become very popular until the mid-eighties, Shakespeare fishing rod is perhaps now the most popular rod of our time.


Shakespeare fishing rods has the name of being the strongest and most sensitive rod in the world. They even have ads that show people trying to break these rods to show its absolute power. Well, the fact is that they are right. Although the ads did not mean that you can’t break these rods. Sure, you can break any rod. But the point here is that I can say from my experience that these rods are amazing in all ways. They are very sensitive to feel every bite and strong enough to last more than 20 years. I have one since the early 90s and I still use it to this day.


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Berkley best surf fishing rod:

Berkley is a company that seeks to make fishing fun and help fishermen around the world to catch more fish. The company has a strong commitment to use the most effective and the latest technology to sustain this goal and improve fishing tools performance. One of my preferred of their fishing rods is the Berkley Lightning spinning rod. for smaller game fish and the big game berkley surf fishing rod 


Berkley rods have been existed as from the mid-1980s and have a legendary, well-deserved reputation. Lightning Rod comes with all the best features of a quality rod in a single package at an affordable price. This rod provides a great entry for those who want to get started in the world of fishing. For it price, you will get a rod that has a high proportion of graphite, which is expected to cost much more. Berkley rods have a lot of lightweight sensitivity, along with the finest titanium-coated guide frames. The lightning rod is great for smaller game surf fishing.

Best Surf Fishing Rods Top #6 Ultimate Quality Saltwater Rods 17

I have found Berkley fishing rods to be well balanced. And what I also like most about these rods is the feature known as “strike amplifying tip”, this is a combination of graphite and fiberglass. This combination produces a rod with a slower reaction tip. This, in turn, leads to fewer lost fish. One of the top rated rods for surf fishing is the one pictured above for big game surf fishing. Great for those fishing where the big ones hang out.


Daiwa Top Surf Fishing Rods:

Sometimes, fishing is not always a very pleasant experience, especially if you do not catch anything and at times it can get worse if your rods are not properly weighted, the grip is deformed or worn or the butt cap and the gimbal is absolutely uncomfortable. You don’t only need a rod that has all these areas covered, but you as well need a rod that always retrieves and cast effectively without any problems and Daiwa rods were built with these in mind.



Daiwa uses numerous different quality parts and technology to ensure that their rods last. One of the technologies the company uses to manufacture a large amount of their rod is Glatech. The result is a very strong blank with the backbone and strong lifting power to move and control tough fish. It as well resists twisting due to greater strength, less stress, and hooks setting power

No matter the type of fishing you are into, you need a rod that can handle the type of fish you are targeting, in addition to giving you the necessary sensitivity to feel what is happening at the other end of the line. Daiwa rods are built with all this in mind and it takes care of every fishing situation. You can take a look at these rods and see the quality and craftsmanship that goes into its production.



Shimano fishing rods:

There is no doubt that Shimano’s fishing rods are among the best in the world and are also the trendsetter in the fishing gear industry. Shimano is producing new and modern products for new and exciting fishing practice. Regardless of your wishes or the weight of your wallet, you will get a Shimano rod that suits your needs.

When it comes to fishing rods, the best thing is that you do not have to go to a special store to buy them. You can save yourself some time and even some bucks when it comes to buying fishing tackle. There are some great reel and rods to get from the likes of Amazon online.

Shimano makes it very easy for first-time anglers to begin to know which rod is the most suitable. Shimano rods are among the best on the market. There are flexible lines of rods, prepared to handle everything you throw at them. These rods are designed to take the kind of constant abuse that comes with pulling your line behind the boat. They as well use built-in aluminum oxide line guides that are integrated directly with the body of the rod to increase it durability.



The company finds a convenient place between high and low-quality fishing rods, mixing best components at a reasonable cost. The rod is solid graphite that makes it light and sensitive. Its outstanding features are the high weight graphite shaft, excellent comfort handle, attractive price, molded cork and foam handle models that provide a solid comfortable grip without sacrificing flexibility in the rest of the rod. The rod is strong enough that the producers offer a limited warranty period.

These rods are designed to reach the optimum point between strength and feel, which increases the length of your cast and still give you the response you need to feel every nibble.

Okuma rods are marine-rated, which uses stainless steel and ceramic composite to enable you make use of them whether you are standing on the waves or fishing at the lake.

The rods are tough and durable. It gives you the power you need to drag a large fish off the bottom without worrying about whether the rod can withstand the pressure. Just make sure not to cast more than the recommended lure, weights for your brand of rod.


St. Croix Mojo Surf:

It seems that a lot of fishermen are still under the fantasy that a good fishing rod should cost a lot of money. This is a wrong belief; that businesses that want to get more money from you want you to believe. I admit that St. Croix fishing rods, which are very expensive, are really nice, but they are not necessary at all. In fact, in most cases, it is not necessary to spend more than $50 on a fishing rod. Now a days, you can get a very nice and functional fishing rod for less than 100 and often even fifty dollars. But for those who want the best and have deep pockets. Yes, I would buy one of these for sure.

St. Croix Mojo Surf comes with the finest features, such as custom X-Wrap handle and a sloped frame that help eases line tangling. St. Croix rod is built with the finest SCII graphite along with weight-saving surf guides which make the mojo strong and accurate. These tough surf rods feature amazing performance and value and are ideal for serious anglers who fish in severe conditions.

Whether you take the lake, cast from the shore, or wade in the rivers, St.Croix offers a responsive performance that guarantees your success on any surface. With the St.Croix rod in hand, you are part of a famous tradition. Power, touch, and control are at your fingertips and give you the best fishing experience on the planet.