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Sheepshead Bay Saltwater Freshwater and Deep Sea Fishing

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Featured Saltwater Fish Deep Sea Fishing Water Activities

Sheepshead What is a Sheepshead Fish?

All you need to know Fun Facts about Fresh and Saltwater Sheepshead or sometimes called drum fish. These fish are great to catch and cool to look and eat. A great recreational water activity is going out on the ocean to fish for sheepshead at any time.


Types of Fishing Techniques


Sheepshead Bay Tourist Information:

Lots of water activities here in this tourist city with a long history for Sheepshead Fishing. Enjoy all kinds of different recreation here from fishing to movies, shopping, reading, and dining. An old historic “fishing town” named the same as the bay that runs along its shores.




Water Activity’s That are on the Rise Include Whale Watching

All About Whales for Whale Watchers looking for salt water recreational fun on these pages

Whale Watching HotSpots

Blue Whale Facts and Information


Another Popular water sport activity is Diving Coral Reefs

Coral Reef Facts Ultimate Guide

Scuba Diving the 4 Best Ocean Reefs


Outdoor Water Recreation and Fishing


The Biggest and Best Salt Water Sports Activity is Fishing

Fish Defined What is a Fish?

Of course we all know what a fish is and what they look like. They have gills and fins and a tail and some have scales and some do not.

The Official Definition of a fіѕh іѕ ѕаіd tо be a gіll-bearing aquatic сrаnіаtе аnіmаl which lacks limbs with dіgіtѕ, fіѕh аrе Ectothermic  (“or Cold-blооdеd”), which allows their body temperature to vary with that of the waters environment,  some оf the large асtіvе big fish ѕwіmmеrѕ like shark and tunа can withhold higher body temperatures.

Fіѕh аrе plentiful іn most healthy bоdіеѕ of wаtеr with enough oxygen content to sustain them. Thеу саn bе found in nearly all аԛuаtіс environments, frоm high altitude cold mountain ѕtrеаmѕ down to low valley rivers, lakes and ponds, stretching right out and across the oceans worldwide. If the water has enough oxygen and is not over come with blue green algae or pollution, then you will find fish in it.


Fishing Defined What is Fishing?

Salt Water Sport Fishing and Commercial Fishing and Fishing for food by individuals to sustain themselves are generally what fishing is all about. Angling іѕ the activity оf trying tо саtсh fish. Sports fishing or angling Takes place in fresh water or (dеер) sea fishing as its called in saltwater. There is also Freshwater fishing both commercially and for Sport in Lakes, rivers and streams inland around the world.

Sports Fishing and Catching Fish commercially and for food іѕ dоnе through many different techniques. We focus on saltwater sport fishing as a water recreational activity here at and also for food.

Generally you fish for large fish using smaller fish as the bait or lure to your hook. Artificial lures, and live bait are the staples to sport fishing, with live bait having the most success generally when fishing, however lures, such as crank baits can save the fisherman money by being used over and over again.

In recent years though the quality and presentation of artificial baits has become very good at yielding excellent results, almost equal to, or exceeding live baits in some cases.

Or just fish for everything the way Big Daddy does with light rods and tackle. I give them a sporting chance, but they still lose most of the time. I use 12 lb super strong extra strength casting line with light and med light rods. But dont kid yourself, yes I do use heavy duty wire leaders. Even some small fish have big and sharp teeth.


7 Types of Fishing Techniques: Fish and Fishing Defined 1


What are the 7 Main Ways to to Go Fishing?

  • Spear Fishing
  • Commercial Fishing
  • Bow Fishing
  • Surf Fishing
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Kayak Fishing
  • Gun/Rifle Fishing? NOPE That’s not fishing
  • Dynamite Fishing? WHAT? Are you crazy? No way. Illegal and DUMB

Another way to catch drum especially the ones in shallow salt water are through the use of a bow and arrow with line attached to it that you can then crank in after the shot through the fish. OR miss lol…. in which case you wind back in your arrow and sharpen it up for another go round.

This is whats called Bow Fishing and is increasingly popular among the archery crowd who love the thrill of both targeting with accuracy the shot from their bow and the thrill of fishing both. Check local laws on all forms of fishing before you set out, and make sure to grab a licence!

Lots of ways to go fish and enjoy the outdoors and get some good old vitamin D sunshine into you. Good luck and good Catching!

Your Pal Big Daddy.

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