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Use of Cookies 

Cookies are used to collect data as part of the Google Analytics software used by us and millions of sites around the world. If you do not like or accept the use of cookies then please do not use the site. Funny thing is, most websites employ the use of cookies so its hard to get away from them! Find information on web cookies here. Google analytics is set to the least intrusive setting and most often the city information is not even provided. If you wish you can turn cookies off in your browser, or choose not to browse the site.

List of google cookies you can opt out of for all sites you visit on your browser

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We do not host videos on our servers, we link to or embed only please see DMCA site link for more information on Copy Right and information on what to do and not to do on social media websites.

Privacy Policy

We will not sell, share, or provide your email address or any personal information to any outside parties other than used by to contact you if you choose to subscribe to the email service in the future. You can also remove yourself from such emails at any time by unsubscribing. The Personal information we may have would be your email address and any other information you submit at your own free will when contacting us for what ever reason you may have.

Currently we have not yet set up any email services. The only information we would collect is your email address should you choose to contact us via email.

Information on Google Analytics Policies and the data they collect are available to read and may affect your rights depending on the jurisdiction you live. Mainly with the UK upping their restrictions and right to know, has lead to changes in privacy policies from global sites. Our site does not target the UK. Residents of the UK and others concerned about cookies, may want to read up on Google Analytics policies and information on cookies and how to disable them from their browser.

We are a dot ca domain focusing on the Canadian market and American market in North America. We therefore will comply with all requirements for disclosure for these residents.

Terms and Conditions

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Affiliate Disclaimer:

At our discretion we may from time to time now or in the future offer products, ebooks, merchandise, training materials, and other products or reviews. These may result in compensation in the form of affiliate revenues or sponsored revenue for paid reviews, or paid advertisements on our site. 

We may also be using now or in the future ways to monetize the site with cost per click and cost per mile ads from such sites as Google Adsense and others. 

We also may now or from time to time in the future offer quality products and services, such as ebooks, fishing manuals, training etc from Clickbank sellers and others like if we find they would be beneficial to our readers.

We may also review and offer products from Major Retail Chains, like Walmart, Cabelas, Bass Pro and others to help our readers make informed decisions on products we like which also may pay a small affiliate commission for doing so.

We may also become an amazon associates affiliate partner in the future when traffic dictates as such a means to earn advertising fees to help sustain the costs of running the site.