SHEEPSHEAD BAY Brookyln 7 Epic Theaters and Delicious Dining

Sheepshead Bay is a Bay that separates the mainland of Brooklyn New York city from the eastern part of Coney Island and has a fabulous History born from a Fish! The heart of the Sheepshead Bay area is a nice expanse of water that is filled with both fish and boats. Piers and private fishing boats are prevalent in the area with boating tours and fishing excursions a favorite attraction.

There has been an influx of people, condominiums and new apartment construction since the real estate boom and revitalization of the bay in the 2000s. Awesome sea food, fine restaurants, fishing, movies, shopping and sightseeing await you at Sheepshead Bay! Enjoy our post and book mark for later, lots here for you!


Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn History

Tearing out to the Sheepshead fishing hole


Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn History Famous Coney Island

Sheepshead Bay History is not complete without mentioning Coney Island, formerly a barrier island which is now an extension of the mainland with peninsulas at both east (neighborhood of Manhattan Beach) and west ends (neighborhood of Coney Island and Sea Gate).

This nice neighborhood has beautiful views and options of prime real estate, recreation and culture, education and entertainment available. This wonderful place which has become a home for families with kids, professionals, retirees, beach lovers and singles, is a great place to visit or live and put down roots.



HISTORY of The Name Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn New York

The name Sheepshead Bay comprises of the Bay and the neighborhoods north of the bay. It was named after an edible fish called the “Sheepshead” from the Drum Fish family once found in the bay’s water and known for its black stripes and scary set of human like teeth.

Some people especially locals of the area are of the opinion that Sheepshead Bay was named after its resemblance or shape of the sheep fishes head.

Benjamin Freeman was the Name and Sheepshead was the Game

Who has been given the credit of naming the Bay after a sheepshead fish? The man was Benjamin Freeman who named his establishment “The Sheepshead” in 1844 and decorated the front of it with a large picture of a Sheepsheadfish. After that the area just grew into the name.

Sheepshead Bay was originally part of the Gravesend town that was ignored until the middle of the 1800s. The Bay was connected by the creek of Coney Island, which was an inlet of salt to the Gravesend Bay.

Development started at a rapid rate in the 1880s when the area was made accessible to many residents of New York and Brooklyn due to the development in part of the Manhattan Beach branch of the Long Island Rail Road, Ocean Parkway, the Brooklyn, Flatbush, the Brooklyn Bridge and Coney Island Railroad.

Sheepshead Bay setbacks

The most pronounced of the development series was the decision of the Coney Island Jockey Club to install its flagship track in the bay. The Sheepshead Bay Race track which had a tall iron picket fence and a dedicated spur route was a treasure among the other tracks of Brighton Beach and Gravesend owned by the club.

The popular track then closed down in 1910 when the state banned all gambling activities and was later converted to a to a two-mile loop (The Shrine of Speed) for automobile races. The closure of the track and the declining of the Manhattan Beach and Brighton Beach to the south which was an area of enjoyment for forty years posed a gloomy tone for the Sheepshead Bay area residents.

Lots of Development

In 1931, when the city took over the bay, some development was carried out but the most significant of all, was the widening of Emmons Avenue. In the course of development of Emmons Avenue, all the buildings to the south were condemned including the popular Lundy’s, which resorted to moving across the street.

To pacify the residents of the area who out of fear thought that the development would be turned into a commercial fishing port, the city designed piers (still being used today as a launching point for party boat tours) at an angle that would block the entrance of trucks.

Sheepshead Bay became the fastest growing community in Brooklyn

In 1941, the shore parkway came alive and that made automobile access easier to the area which was more an attractive place to live for the workers in Manhattan and by 1960s, it became the fastest-growing community in Brooklyn. The fishing fleets, although now having been replaced by dinner boats as well as the addition of Holocaust Memorial Park, situated at the western end of the bay are beautiful recreational aspects of the Sheepshead Bay area.

Population and Demographics of Sheepshead Bay

The real estate boom of the 2000s brought back the popular Lundy’s, although now since being replaced by groceries store, due to its eventual closure in 2007. (so much for popularity) There are now many restaurants and nightclubs along the waterfront due to the influx of immigrants from former Soviet Union countries which help bolster the economics of the area.

The population of the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood was 123,181 as of 2007. The demographics comprise of White Caucasian settlers, as well as Asians, Hispanics, African American and Native American peoples. Sheepshead Bay has a notable problem with parking space availability so walking or biking around and cabbing it would be the way to go.


Can I catch Lots of Sheepshead in Sheepshead Bay?

How about joining in on the history of Sheepshead Bay and visiting there yourself. Maybe you will be lucky enough to catch a sheepshead although I doubt it as this fish is all but gone from the area with only the odd straggler caught here and there.

Head south to catch these saltwater sheepshead beauties now if your an angler, but visit Sheepshead Bay and enjoy its waterfront and restaurants today. Take in a show and a dinner boat cruise and relax and enjoy some drinks out on the water. Take out a fishing charter, although you might not be catching sheepshead you will catch other fish.


Top 7 List of Sheepshead Bay Movie Theaters

Tourists looking for a Movie Theater in Sheepshead Bay can Check out all these top Theaters

Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn most popular movie theaters

Movie theater with blank screen Copyright 123rf fergregory


Sheepshead Movie Address for the Top 7 Theaters

1. UA Sheepshead Bay 14 IMAX & RPX:

this is obviously the most popular movie theater in Sheepshead Bay. A unique feature of this theater is its complexity with multiple screens that features new release films, concession stand, and plush seating.

The beautiful customer service, lovely atmosphere and huge parking garage makes this movie theater the most outstanding and frequently visited. This Sheepshead Bay movie address is located at 3907 Shore Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY, United States and opens by 11:00am.



2. Kent Theater:

This Sheepshead Bay Movie Address is located at 1170 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11230, this theater is a local venue for showing films, staging plays and other shows. When considering the aspect of cost, Kent is a place that gets the job done for a low budget. The theater is not very large and not so good a customer service.


3. Alpine Cinema:

this theater dates back as far as 1921, however it has been expanded into an 8-plex and now shows current movies. Its movie address situates at 6817 5th Avenue Bay Ridge, Brooklyn,New York, 11220 Sheepshead Bay. The movie prices are fair, the seats are good while the sound is considerate.


4. Pavilion Theater:

This theater is found at Sheepshead Bay Address 188 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215, United States is a digital movie house with 7 screens, leather recliners, concessions and a full-service American cafe. Though not much of a fancy, because of being old, however it’s a great location with nice employees and good selection of the newest & popular movies and a good variety of show times including matinees.


5. United Artists Court Street 12 & RPX:

this is another great cinema with theater complex with multiple screens that features new release films, plush seating & concession stand. Their services are quick and consistent. The Sheepshead bay movie address for this theater is located at 108 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.


6. Linden Boulevard Multiplex Cinemas:

this is a home of multi screen digital movie with stadium seating, concession stands & a lobby food court. The seats are very nice and the featured movies are latest. Customer service is really good. It is located at 2784 Linden Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11208, Sheepshead Bay, United States.


7. AMC Loews Seacourt 10:

The Last of 7 this Sheepshead Bay theater address is located at Seacourt Pavilion 635 Bay Ave, Toms River, NJ 08753, United States, this theater has superb and Courteous Staff who make visitors feel special. They have fairly priced popcorn, candy, drinks, etc. another feat is the arrays of Showtime for some great movies.

Other great cinemas in the Sheepshead Bay Area are Regal Cinemas Atlas Park Stadium 8, Cinema Village, United Artists Midway Stadium 9 M and Regal Cinemas E-Walk 13 & RPX.


Sheepshead Bay Top Ten Restaurants

Sheepshead Bay Tourists in Restaurant Dining on Fish

Couple in seafood restaurant tasting fresh oysters and fish


Sheepshead Bay Tourists Make sure to Eat, Drink, and be Merry. Do not miss out and eat at as many or all of these Sheepshead Bay Area Restaurants in the Top 10 List. Not in any order just pick one!

1. Roll-N-Roaster:

Top 10 Sheepshead Bay Restaurant, established 45 years ago, this restaurant is basking in the offering of excellent services to its customers. With their burgers and fries still on point and yummy as ever, and drinks that tastes great, Roll-N-Roaster is a classic and nostalgic place for anyone.

Another great feature of the Roll-N-Roaster is the possession of parking lot, which is a good bonus for a busy area like Emmons Avenue. Their two massive dining areas makes it a never difficult task in finding a seat no matter how busy it is. It is located at 2901 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235. You sure don’t want to miss this place.

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2. Anthony’s Place:

known for a long time as pizza bowl, they have great vegetarian pizzas for cheap budget. With great customer service, Anthony’s place is a home for sweet homemade wine, yum garlic knots, mixes antipasto, fried mozzarella, black pasta with sea food, Eggplant Rollatini, chicken parmigiana and lots more.

Anthony’s place may be small and dated but it is still a hidden gem with wow food and services. It is located at 2110 Avenue X, Brooklyn, NY 11235.


3. Opera Cafe & Lounge NYC:

is a pretty spacious restaurant with amazing atmosphere. The decoration is a class of its own, the wood textures and the light fixtures are standard. With attentive waiters around, this place is a hub for salmon scopolini, beef kebabs, mixed beef, roasted beef, hazelnut crepes, cheese omelets, fried calamari, lamb chop, rice, and mashed potatoes.

This Turkish- Mediterranean restaurant located at 2255 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235 is a good choice and setting for dates and family.


4. Cipura Restaurant:

this place is an amazing atmosphere for nice and great services. They have one of the best options that suits everybody for fish and meat in the Sheepshead Bay.

Their decoration and lighting fixtures are indeed classy and with amazing customer service that shows you warmth and hospitality, feeling special is one thing you cannot debate about. Their fresh desert and variety of foods makes Cipura restaurant a place to always come back. The Turkish- Mediterranean restaurant is located at 1901 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235.


5. Brennan & Carr:

this restaurant is a nice old fashioned Sheepshead Bay dinning at its best. There are two things you should always order from Brennan and Carr. The roast beef and the gargiulo burger.

The Roast Beef is always cooked to satisfaction and the gargiulo burger, very tasty and inventive. The cozy environment makes you feel home. It is located at 3432 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11229


6. Randazzo’s Clam Bar:

this restaurant is definitely a home for those who crave for seafood. The great atmosphere has tasty meals such as calamari, clam chowder, Alaskan king crab legs, oyster, Zuppa Di, Lobster Roll, and others. Their customer service is excellent. It is located at 2017 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235.


7. Chayhana Salom:

located at 1652 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY 11235, this restaurant is a home for quality and tasty Uzbekistan meals. They have Sansa, the lamb liver cubes, the eggplant salad, chicken kebab, Chayhana Salom, shurpa soup are great food options. The place is impeccably clean and their service is attentive and prompt.


8. Ocean Style:

located at 2971 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235, the Japanese restaurant is a home for Sushi lovers. They also have great edamame and chicken teriyaki. Their prices and customer service are unbeatable.


9. El Mexicano Restaurant & Coffee:

it is a spot for authentic Mexican meals. Among their collection of great food are chicken mole enchilada, chicken flautas, chicken burrito, chicken quesadillas, and tacos. It is located at 2102 E 15th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11229.


10. Munchinette:

this consistent restaurant is a home for healthy food menu, packed with grilled chicken and protein shakes. For someone who is trying to lose weight and stay fit, this is definitely a place like none in sheepshead bay.

They have good customer service and their prices are fairly good. Located at 1738 Sheepshead Bay Road Brooklyn, NY 11235, this place is sure place for those who love healthy meals.



117  Additional Restaurant Listings in Sheepshead Bay

Look up one of these Sheepshead Bay Restaurants in your Hotels Local Listings

1. Roll-N-Roaster
2. Anthony’s Place
3. Opera Cafe & Lounge NYC
4. Cipura Restaurant
5. Brennan & Carr
6. Randazzo’s Clam Bar
7. Chayhana Salom
8. Ocean Style
9. El Mexicano Restaurant & Coffee
10. Munchinette
11. Tenda Asian Fusion
12. Pho Vietnam
13. Café Dushanbe
14. Next Door
15. My House Burger and Shakes
16. East Sushi Bistro
17. MOMO Hibachi Steak and Bar
18. Osaka Sushi Express
19. Thai Basil
20. Jimmy’s Famous Heros
21. Clemente’s Maryland Crabhouse
22. Pirosmani
23. Hayashi
24. Bagel Boy
25. Triple Z Restaurant
26. Pho Hai Restaurant
27. ChopStix Chinese Restaurant and Sushi Bar
28. Wheeler’s Restaurant
29. Vanka Café
30. Shaikh’s Place/Donut Shoppe
31. Cats on the Bay
32. Delmar Pizzeria
33. Jay and Lloyd’s Kosher Deli
34. Mitoushi
35. Azerbaijan
36. Fuel Restaurant
37. Jordan’s Lobster Dock
38. Arbuz Restaurant
39. Yiasou Estiatorio
40. Masal Cafe
41. Kouros Bay Diner
42. Chikurin Restaurant
43. New Star Restaurant
44. Knapp Street Pizza
45. Cafe Glechik
46. La Villita
47. Tete A Tete
48. Omiya Sushi
49. Chinatown Restaurant
50. Aziza 7
51. Perry’s Restaurant
52. N & D Pizza
53. Maria’s Restaurant
54. Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant
55. Seaport Buffet
56. Pizza D’Amore
57. Cactus Gourmet
58. Padishah Restaurant
59. Wolf Cave
60. TGI Fridays
61. Kawaii Japanese Restaurant
62. V & S Pizza
63. Love 69 Bar
64. Xo Creperie
65. Mei Mei Chinese Restaurant
66. Sushi Mikasa
67. Signature
68. Kavkazkiy Dvorik
69. Art House Restaurant
70. Spiro’s Restaurant
71. Casipy Restaurant
72. Connie’s Pizzeria
73. Leopolis Cafe
74. Nargis Cafe
75. Michael’s of Brooklyn
76. Liman Restaurant
77. il Fornetto Ristorante & Catering
78. Original Pizza IV
79. New York Steakhouse
80. Sultan Market
81. Popeye’s
82. Falada Lounge
83. Royal Bay Restaurant
84. Applebee’s
85. Asian bay
86. Osaka Japanese Restaurant
87. 1818 Seafood Restaurant
88. Ming’s Place
89. Romanoff Restaurant
90. Ginza Japanese Restaurant
91. Victoria Seafood and Grill
92. Didi Restaurant
93. Luigi’s Pizza
94. Le Bouchon
95. 3 Star Restaurant
96. Draft Barn
97. Empire Tortillas
98. Trio Ristorante Pizza & Grill
99. New Great Wall Chinese Restaurant
100. Season Restaurant
101. Golden Z
102. Anatolian Gyro Restaurant
103. East Ocean Seafood Restaurant
104. House Garden
105. Wing Hing Seafood Restaurant
106. Tokyo Boy
107. Pizza Cardo
108. Top yaco and Top China
109. Shing Wong Restaurant
110. Knapp Street Bagels
111. Baku Palace Restaurant
112. Knapp Lucky Star Restaurant
113. New Great Wall
114. Rocca Café Lounge
115. Bay Pizzeria
116. Yee Kee Restaurant
117. Istanbul Restaurant

Check with your Hotels Listings or  Local Listings for Current Restaurant Hours, and Availability and other Tourist information. Or highlight one of the restaurants, right click and search google maps sheepshead bay here for it!

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Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn New York Tourist Info

How to get around by train

By train, Sheepshead Bay tourists are served by the B & Q trains and by bus service, the B4, B36 and B44 serves it. B36 or B4 serves when coming from the west and when travelling from the northern neighbourhood, the B44 select Bus service comes to the waterfront by Nostrand Avenue. Of course taxi cabs are wonderful too and my favorite.

Sheepshead Bay Tourist Landmarks to visit on vacation

There are lots of exciting historical landmarks in sheepshead bay which will catch your attention when on a visit. Among them are:

Sheepshead Bay Holocaust Memorial Park:

located between Emmons Avenue and Shore Boulevard, the park created to honor the victims of Nazi genocide, is a lovely place that provide guests and visitors the opportunity to learn and also have a moment of reflection of the past. The history and dedication of the holocaust is written on the foot of it.

Sheepshead Bay Marine Park:

this is a great place that connects you with nature. The huge grass in the inner ring allows several sporting activities such as soccer, baseball, handball and golf play.

The outer ring is a good place for running and walking. There are also launch and landing sites for boats and kayaks. Marine Park is the largest park in Brooklyn. It is designed and planned to charm any visitor who touches his leg on sheepshead. You don’t want to miss this place I bet.

Lundry’s Building:

This historic property was once the most populous sea food restaurant in the 1930s. Although the building was taken over by a gourmet food market, the sand-colored stucco and the mission tiles of the building is still being preserved.


On a visit to sheepshead bay and need a hotel?

There are lots of hotels in Sheepshead Bay to enjoy comfort and relaxation. There are also budget targeted hotels for those who cannot afford the expensive ones.

Among the hotels where you have an excellent treat awaiting you are these:

Top 10 hotels For Tourists in Sheepshead Bay.

  1. Best Western Plus Brooklyn Bay Hotel
  2. Howard Johnson Equipment
  3. Comfort Inn
  4. Four Seasons
  5. Bay Family Ctr
  6. Benderskiy Motel
  7. Flatlands Motel
  8. Sleep Inn Coney Island
  9. Midwood Suites
  10. Four Seasons Flowers & Decorations



Tourists like to shop: Sheepshead Bay Shopping Spots

There are great shopping centers and malls to take of your shopping needs in the Sheepshead Bay area.

Shampoo Exchange takes care of your beauty and cosmetic needs; Flavour is well suited for women’s clothing and accessories; for a combination of men’s and women’s clothing, House of Jean Shop can ably take care of that.

Thinking of buying gift items and even at cheaper rate, you have the choice of either Balloonitude Shop or Marshalls Shops. Cheap bridal needs can be taken care by Lotus Bridal. Sneaker U Shops is an awesome place to shop for sport wear. It is home for sneakers whether it be GR Jordans, airmaxes or roshes.

Payless Shoe source, Bernie’s fishing tackle, Vivid Photo Inc, Nextgen VapeShop, Mr Jewelry & Pawn and many others are shopping centers where you can have a great shopping experience.


Tourist Attractions: Things To Do in Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay Fishing:

This is obviously one of the prime attractions in sheepshead bay. A better way in partaking of ocean fishing here is by choosing from a list of charter boats where you have the opportunity of cruising the waters.

Among the boat fishing companies that will make your fishing experience great are Ocean Eye V, Ranger VI fishing, Flamingo III, Marilyn Jean V, Sea Queen VII, Captain Midnight Fishing and several others.

Sheepshead Bay Sight Seeing:

Feel like taking a stroll? There are places which you can feed your eyes with.
The ocean Avenue Footbridge is a wooden footbridge that connects Sheepshead Bay with Manhattan Beach is a beautiful sight to behold. The sandy shore as compared to that of Coney Island and Brighton Beach at the western end, is often less busy.

A Visit to Saint Mark’s Church which has been in the neighborhood of sheepshead bay for more than 150 years will give you the opportunity of seeing ornate stained windows and stunning ceiling paintings. Have Fun and remember everyone Loves Tourists!

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Sheepshead Bites News 

Extra Extra  Read all about it, Sheepshead Bites Newspaper was a local independent news blog that served the Sheepsheads Bay area of Brooklyn. Now called Bklyner.



Sheepshead-Bay-News-Tourist-Information Copyright:


Sheepshead Bites

Sheepshead bites was established by a young reporter Ned Berke in 2008 though later sold to Corner Media, the news outfit blends original reporting of community news with contributions from neighbors. Its covers the diversity of the neighborhood of Sheepshead, news, events, issues, businesses, and also ties it up with important information relevant to the residents of the area.



Sheepshead Bites won the award for the Best Local Blogger in L Magazine in 2010. The news outfit was praised for its endlessly fascinating news coverage of the under-served Sheepshead Bay neighborhood. In 2011, it was named as the Most Valuable Blog for Local Affairs by the editors of CBS News. Sheepshead Bites now going under Bklyner is a Corner Media Inc. brand.

Sites owned by Corner media, Inc are Bensonhurst Bean, Ditmas Park Corner, Fort Greene Focus, Park Slope Stoop, Sheepshead Bites, and City Kid Camp. These were all Previously a network of neighborhood news sites which are now grouped as one under BKLYNER.

Read up on one of these and grab your News From the former Sheepshead Bites blogging site at Bklyner while in Sheepshead Bay and don’t forget to tune into our site while your there and read a few of our Favorite Pages as well.

Find Sheephead Bites News Here Known as BKLYNER Now since buying out and expanding on the Sheepshead Bite Brand News site.


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