15 Best Fishing Village Trips For Vibrant Lifetime Memories


Where is the best fishing village in Canada eh? We have the biggest collection of top 15 fishing village trips like you have never seen before. This is one of the most asked questions by fishermen and tourists seeking to spend quality time with their loved ones in this beautiful country.

Unknown to most people, fishing is not just a physical activity, it is also a mental and relaxing one. The fishing spots and videos below will leave you mesmerized and take you away for awhile in your mind until you can actually get to one.

We have made a list of the top 15 fishing villages in Canada. These villages are selected because they offer you an amazing fishing experience. Some of these are quite rustic. Spots you will find no where else in the world. These spots afford you the opportunity to lay your hands on a variety of fish, and most importantly they are high quality choice spots for ultimate fishing and outdoors vacations.

To ensure that you have a good time, these villages have comfortable homes and lodges where you can have a good night rest right after a busy fishing day. Although one or two might be a bit rustic for some, they will be a treasure for others at these fishing towns in Canada.


Best Fishing Villages in Canada

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Top 15 Fishing Towns In Canada

1. Ladner Village Delta City Fraser River Fishing BC


This fishing village in Canada is situated right in the city of Delta and the Vancouver suburb. It was on the bank of the Fraser River that Ladner was turned into a fishing village. This village has a long fishing history, and this is why it stands out as one of the best spots to make a big catch.

Interestingly, it was named after William and Thomas Ladner who migrated into the village in the late 1800s. While there, William and Thomas began fishing and farming. Ladner is bordered to the south by Tsawwassen, to the west by Strait, and to the north by Fraser River.

This is currently one of the top fishing villages in the country. Aside from the fact that this village banks on the Fraser River, it offers fishermen a good catch of salmon. Not only that but you are sure of laying your hands on a wide variety of fish.


2. Queen Charlotte Island Fishing Village of British Columbia


Fondly called the ancestral home of the Haida, this fishing village is perched on the shelf of the continent. This island has a mist of great and fascinating ancient, natural, and cultural history that makes it one of the most adventurous places to visit in the country of Canada. This island offers you some of the best salmon fishing you will find in the entire would.

Get yourself out here and hook up with any number of the guide services and they will be sure to please. Put giant salmon of a lifetime on your bucket list and start planning your vacation now.


3. Old Perlican Fishing Village Newfoundland


Old Perlican is currently one of the oldest fishing villages not just in Newfoundland, but also in the entire country. During the 17th century, this fishing community became one of the biggest fishing stations for fishermen that migrated from England. With this village being one of the oldest, you are sure of having a good catch. Hope you like cod because this is where the cod are fished for. Yummm love those cod fish and chips.

This fishing village does not just offer you an amazing fishing experience; you get to lay your hands on a variety of ocean fishes. This village has various fishing spots where you and your loved ones can make big catches and big memories in a rustic fishing ambiance.


4. Tree River Fishing Village Nunavut


When you visit this fine fishing village, you are sure of getting an experience that can not ever be matched by by anything else in the world. This village is known and has been referred to as the Char fishery captital in the country. It is also an amazing and spectacular section of the wilderness for lovers of the great outdoors.

The Arctic Char you are sure to catch in this village is covered with a mix of vibrant red and deep green colors. The side of this fish is dappled with blue and orange dots as well making it a stunningly beautiful and mystic like fish. While fishing this salmon, it is important that you remember that it is quite elusive and sometimes hard to catch.

Although being elusive, you are sure of having an unforgettable experience when you decide to fish them in this village and show off your skills as an angler. Don’t worry, Im sure the guides will put you onto the best flies and lures to use.

When you visit this fishing village, you have the chance of breaking a record. You could be the one to lay your hands on an Arctic Char that weighs over thirty-two pounds. With big fish abound in a rustic, remote area, the trophies are still waiting to be caught.


5. Eagle Lake Ontario Fishing Village


This top fishing village is located in the heart of Cottage County in Northern Ontario. The experiences you stand to gain from fishing on this lake is unparalleled. It has beautiful scenery with a wooded island making it even more aesthetic.

This fishing village offers you the opportunity to aim for a variety of fishes including but not limited to the following; walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, trout, and perch. The Eagle Lake is known fondly for its muskellunge fishing which has been referred to as the fish of over ten thousand casts. Hopefully it wont take you that many.

Interestingly, this fish is capable of growing to over seventy (70) pounds. This lake is currently one of the most visited fishing destinations in the country. Why? Because of the wide variety of fishes found there ant the fact its just north of the biggest population of people in Ontario. Toronto and all its busy suburbs can escape up to here in a relatively short amount of time. Try the Eagle Lake, Moose lake and surrounding rivers for yourself and see.


6. Reindeer Lake Fishing Village SK MB



This lake has been named after the large herds of caribou that migrated to the country from most of the European countries way back long ago. Actually, this lake has become one of the top fishing destinations because it offers you an amazing fishing experience that you wont believe until you have been there.

This is also the ninth largest lake in the country. This lake has an amazing experience in store for historians, nature lovers, fishermen, and geologists alike. This is one of the top fishing villages in the country, and this is because it offers fishermen a variety of fish to catch.


7. Cranberry Lake Manitoba 1st 2nd 3rd

This lake is situated right in the heart of northern Manitoba. It consists of about three lakes combined together. Why this fishing village and its lakes are listed among the top fishing villages in Canada is simply because it has a reasonably large amount of trophy size fish still available to be caught annually. What that means is it hasn’t been over fished out of the big ones.

When you decide to fish here, you are sure of laying your hands on something massive from lake trout, trophy walleyes, to big fun northern pike.


8. Polar Bear Provincial Park Hudson Bay Area Ontario

This fishing village located just at the heart of the Ontario province has a lake which is called; the polar bear provincial park. This remote fishing village and the lake literally suggests that instead of going home with fishes, you as the fisherman could prove to be a trophy prize for the wild animals instead.

Interestingly, the government of Canada has taken steps to ensure that this fishing village and the lake is safe for visitors. One of these measures taken is that of applying electrified fences that are proven strong enough to keep out an elephant so this way they can adequately handle a polar bear.

When you visit this fishing village and its lake, you are sure of laying your hands on some speckled trouts. Maybe alot of them. According to reports, only about 300 people visit this village each year and about only 100 of them actually fish. This means that the chances of it getting crowded are slim to none. In fact you need special permission to enter the park ahead of time and must contact Parks Ontario.

Also, the wildlife would also make the experience fun and unforgettable. For true outdoors man with a bucket list for remote wilderness fishing. You will have to fly in here, and this is not for the meek and the weak or a family vacation. This is a tough tundra, wild weather, lots of wildlife type area where you may end up sleeping in a tee pee if your lucky enough to get to stay in one as an upgrade to your tent.


9. Great Bear Lake Fishing Villages Remote Northwest Territory’s

This large lake fishing village like most of the others has a lake which is referred to as the largest lake in Canada. According to several fishermen, this lake and the village offers some of the best fly in fishing experiences anyone can get worldwide.

The fishing villages here are one of the best because it offers you the opportunity to lay your hands on a variety of fish. According to reports, you are sure to add to your fishing photos a new collection from your experiences battling with trout that weigh over 30 pounds and also pike that are about forty inches long and more.

When you visit this lakes fishing villages, you are sure of receiving rustic yet comfortable lodges where you and your family can have an ultimate and unique fishing vacation that few ever get to enjoy. Expensive yes, fun yes, so better book ahead of time because of limited spots. Yes.


10. Tobin lake fishing villages and resorts Saskatchewan

If you are looking to get your hands and stomach on big walleyes and big pike both, then this is one of the best lakes to go and find  fishing villages for you. Come visit this SK lake fishing village hot spot that  has a long history for making one of a kind memories.

This fishing village is located just about thirty-three kilometers or so away from the airport, meaning that you do not have to spend any more time on the road then you need to. Also, according to reports, there are tons of comfortable places where you can spend a good time with your family and rest as you get one of the most amazing fishing experiences you’ll ever have. Fish by day, rest by night, and repeat again in Tobin Lake.


11. Kispiox River Villages in British Columbia

Right in the middle of this province lie fishing villages on the Kispiox river. Large, wild, undamed and untamed. In the last couple of years, this fishing location has gained popularity for being the river system with the largest steel-head fish caught in the world. If you want to have a good time while fishing, then this should definitely be your choice option.

Right in the middle of the province of BC lies both a fishing and family vacation paradise of outdoor activity and camping fun. This river is one of the most visited now in the country offering fishermen an amazing once in a lifetime fishing experience.


12. Prince Edward Island Its one big Fishing Village!


This is the perfect spot for those looking to lay their hands on some of the world’s largest Tuna fish. When we say tuna here, we mean the giant bluefin tuna. No fooling around. These are big fish. This large island of PEI is full of fishing villages which has been reserved to the likes of professional fishermen who are capable of making a living off fishing for fish that weigh over 600 and up to about 1,200 pounds.

With only a small number of yearly visitors, you can be sure of having a good time while fishing for the world’s largest Tuna and still getting a spot in on a charter. That is until its well known how big and how awesome the deep sea fishing in PEI actually is.


13. Crow lake, Hudson Bay Area;


This small fishing village is located in between Hudson Bay and Lake of the Woods. The lake found in this fishing village is among the large body of lakes which are referred to as the “lake of woods.” This lake stands out because it offers you a variety of fishes. Aside from the fact that you can fish in this village, you can also engage in deer and bear hunting.

There are so many lakes in this area teeming with fish its hard to put a finger on them. Just stay at any small, medium or large fishing lodge along the Trans Canada Highway 71 in this area. Lots of them to pick from and you cant seem to go wrong.


14. Lake Maligne Alberta Fishing Villages


This is a lake found in Alberta. When you visit this Alberta fishing village, you are sure of netting a great variety of trout. Interestingly, this is one of the easiest places for you to catch trout. According to most fishermen and tourists that have been there, the trout are simply waiting for you to catch them. They are that easy to catch and hungry too.

You do not have to apply much effort to hook into these beautiful fish. This park is located just inside the National Park. The park alongside the lake has been able to draw in millions of visitors from around the world. According to a report that was released in 2006, over 1.9 million people from around the world visited in that year alone.

Although this fishing community may be beautiful and sometimes crowded at peak season, you are sure of going home with something as there seem to be  enough trouts here for everyone. Reproduction rates must be quite awesome here.


15. Toronto Ontario? No but close by is The Bay of Quinte


Unknown to most people, Toronto is one of the many hubs to great fishing villages close by in the country. Located right in the outskirts is the bay of Quinte. This fishing destination is just perfect for those that had just visited Toronto and not interested in wanting to travel far from the airport to get to a nice fishing village.

Interestingly, this fishing destination in the country offers you the opportunity to enjoy catching a variety of fishes like; walleyes, bass, largemouth and a long list of others. Although there are tons of fishing villages to fish from, the Bay of Quinte has been recommended as probably the best when it comes to fishing for walleye. That and the fact its centrally located in Southwestern Ontario make it a top fishing village hotspot for sure.

This village offers you an amazing fishing experience that cannot be matched. Also, you do not have to put in extra effort as there are tons of other species that you can catch. Another interesting thing about this fishing destination is that it is not particularly crowded like most of the fishing towns and villages typically close to large urban centers. This means that your chances of catching a variety of fish and numbers of fish are still quite high.


Fishing in Canada’s Top Towns and Villages

Why you will love fishing and vacationing in Canada:

These epic villages and top spots for fishing in Canada do not just offer you the opportunity to make a big catch; it ensures that you get in touch with mother nature. You have now seen that some of the best places in the world to fish are located in Canada.

This is why it is one of the most preferred country destinations of fisherman from all over the world. It has been revealed that each year, over ten million people from all parts of the world visit Canada either to fish or to spend quality vacation time in some of the best fishing villages and towns anywhere in the world.

Canada offers:

  • Lots of airports
  • Friendly culture
  • Safe and secure country
  • Delicious seafood and dining
  • Large selection of fishing hot spots
  • Polite and charming lodge and camp operators
  • Small, Big, Remote, Exclusive, Rustic, Urban, Top Fishing Spots
  • The most abundant selection of  freshwater rivers, lakes, and marsh ecosystems
  • Favorable exchange on your dollar making it an inexpensive vacation choice for Americans