(BEST FISHING TOWNS) American Top 15 Rustic Beautiful Spots

For those who are on vacation, or about to go, make the right decision by traveling to the best fishing towns in the United States.  Certain places in the United States are so rustic and beautiful and full of ambiance as well as great fishing that you do not even need be a fisherman to enjoy them.

This is because there are certain states where you can explore fishing and find not only the best variety of fish available but enjoy other outdoor activities as well.  Even for those who are not catching fish, there is a certain beauty these communities possess where you can hike, jog, take a tour, enjoy the history and beauty and just bask in the ambiance.

Lets hit the road now and find these beautiful fishing towns and spots in America.

best fishing towns in America

Heading Out to the best fishing towns and spots in America Copyright: www.123rf.com/profile_ingaj

Fishing and Best Fishing Towns in America Defined

Fishing is defined as the activity and process of catching fish. In the United States, fishing is a much highly regarded occupation which accounts for over 1.4 million acres across the United States. For those of you who are tourists, who love adventure as well as those who use fishing as an occupation or for survival, the United States turns out to be one of the best places you can be. With so much inland water with rivers and lakes you can interact with nature and catch fish inland all the way to the seashore.

The United States Has Some of the Best Fishing Towns in the World

The United States of America has turned out to be one of the primary fishing spots across the world. This is the main reason why American restaurants serve the best and the tastiest seafood ever. During spring and summer, these top fishing towns/spots are ideal because they are peaceful and relaxing while serving up a delicious delicate fish fry.

Perhaps a big city fishing town on the ocean is more your thing, then you should check out Sheepshead Bay where you can fish, dine, and take in history while near the water. An old historic fishing town for its own big city reasons not on this list but one you can check out here at Sheepshead.ca tourist fishing towns. Lets call it the hidden 16 best spot, but only for those who love big city life as well.

Fishing is a great opportunity to relax and do something which makes you happy with your friends and family around and close to you. Once in a while, a change of location is very advisable for you and your family. Choosing one of the best fishing towns in the United States can be a bit of a hassle that’s why I have carefully selected the top 15 plus one fishing spots around the United States of America.

Some of these wont be for the faint of heart or big city and video game lovers. Because these are a paradise for true outdoor fishermen, women, and people of all kinds young and old. For all those who love being outside and seek exclusive best of the best real experiences in their lives. Now grab your fishing gear and lets go….


Best Lures for River Fishing

Bring these along to any of the rivers listed below for top quality fishing. If you don’t catch anything with these in the river, you sat and drank all day and didn’t make some casts! Click any image below for more information. Flys and streamers for the fly fisherman, roe, and worms for the drift fisherman, and spinners, and body baits for the spin cast and spinning reel fisherman. Mix it up and catch more fish.


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1. State: Idaho
Spot/Town: Boise.

boise idaho best fishing town

Beautiful Boise River Best Fishing Town USA Copyright: www.123rf.com/profile_benwhitestudio

Idaho is a state in the northwestern part of the United States. It is a state that is known for its beautiful scenery and tremendous landscapes. It is one of the best places to live and work and grow but to also take a good family vacation for tourists, due to its serene outdoor recreational areas. Boise, however, is the capital and the largest and most populous city in Idaho which contains in it, The Boise River. You may want to stay in Boise or choose a smaller fishing town outside the city a bit depending on your tastes.

The Boise River is the longest River in the northwest area of the states spanning about 102 miles long; it is primarily known for fishing purposes especially for a method called Fly Fishing. Rivers like the Boise are perfect for fly and drift fisherman to practice their sports fishing techniques, and landing fish this unique and fun way.

It is well known that there are a lot of fish in the Boise river especially within walking distances of the big city itself, and there are numerous species of fish to catch here. These include the small mouth bass, large mouth bass, whitefish, the rainbow trout, the bull trout, channel catfish, sturgeon, kokanee salmon, Chinook salmon, bluegill, and probably more.

The Boise River is also a popular destination for floating down river, especially during dry, hot seasons and the most popular sport there is water skiing. Visiting Boise Idaho is a great avenue to learn about their fishing, farming, and recreational lifestyle. Or try a small fishing town next to Boise for a more rustic fishing town feel.



2. State: North Carolina,
Spot/Town: The Outer Banks.

Outer Banks North Carolina Top Fishing Town

The rising sun peeks through clouds and is reflected in waves by the Nags Head fishing pier on the outer banks of North Carolina Copyright:www.123rf.com/profile_digidreamgrafix

The outer banks in North Carolina, United States, is 200 miles of islands situated in the middle of eastern North Carolina and Virginia and it has become one of the forefronts of tourist attractions around the world especially for they’re beach fronts.

The Outer Banks is also open to a long range of fishing spots for tourists as well as the local inhabitants. Fishing has been one of the core occupations of those in the outer banks dating back to the 17th Century. In the outer banks its common for people to practice fly fishing, while fishing in brackish waters, and enjoying catching fish from piers.

The outer banks are also a very popular place for fish like mullet and spot fish which generate  a lot of profit for the community throughout the year, especially during the spring and winter seasons. Fishing is a great experience for the people of North Carolina and the tourists that come to their area every year. It is highly recommended for you to visit North Carolina and get this kind of best fishing experience around.




3. State: Florida
Spot/Town: The Florida Keys

Keywest Florida best fishing town spot US

Keywest Florida Keys Top Fishing Spot in the United States

The Florida Keys, located in Florida, United States of America is slowly becoming a top destination for lovers of fishing all across the globe. It is popularly known as the fisherman’s paradise because you will readily find some of the most amazing spots for fishing across all the towns in the keys. If you love coral reefs and diving as well as fishing then this is must spot for you here.

The Florida Keys makes a very promising vacation spot because spending time in this state can be very fun-filling and adventurous especially for tourists who want to gain new fishing skills and new experiences in fishing techniques down here.

The Florida Keys is known for its abundance in saltwater deep sea fishing species for anglers due to its high salt water content. Every area around the Florida Keys has equal and adequate fishing opportunities and coral to snorkel and dive and its awaiting you now. The Florida Keys are a very distinct environment in the world when it comes to fishing and home to various forms of  beautiful ocean fish. These include Sailfish, Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna as well as Blackfin Tuna, Marlin and Mahi Mahi.




4. State: Hawaii
Spot/Town: Kailua-Kona

Kailua-Kona best fishing town USA

Ocean Surf at Sunset Kailua-Kona Big Island Hawaii USA Long exposure for soft effect Copyright:www.123rf.com/profile_smjoness

Kailua County, North-Kona District located in Hawaii is a lively center of it all. Because of its location and weather, it has transformed into the best lively fishing town around with a lot of fish and farmers markets available.

Kailua-Kona experiences sunny and dry weather most times during the year. It is slowly becoming a great spot for adventurers  especially for outdoor adventures like fishing. When it comes to saltwater fishing, Kailua-Kona is located at the shore of Big Island and due to the position of the fishing spots, the island waters can be extremely calm and still, making it one of the best on the planet. One very inviting feature of Kailua-Kona is that it remains one of the less expensive venues which yet do not compromise on their quality.

Kailua Kona remains one of the homes to numerous fish which include Ahi, Ono, snappers, groupers, parrot fish, etc. Over there, fishing from shore on the Big Island is just as exciting as, and less expensive than doing it from a boat. You will have one of the greatest opportunity’s to catch fish from shore or boat that you have never witnessed before.



Spot/Town: Martha’s Vineyard

Marthas Vineyard Top USA Fishing Town Spot

Marthas Vineyard Top USA Fishing Town Spot

Martha’s Vineyard, situated south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, United States of America. It is known to be a very affluent colony, one of the first English colonies. Most of all now it’s another best fishing spot with the ultimate in breath taking backdrops and views to be experienced on the coast by tourists and residents who live here.

This excellent tourist fishing town is waiting for you and your family with lots to see and do. Or just sit back and relax and take in the awesome views, when not fishing of course. Make sure to check out Gay Head lighthouse, all the wonderful beaches and more. So many spots to visit on the island that its an article in of itself.

Accessible only by boat, take the ferry and enjoy the ride to reach the islands beautiful beaches, fishing spots, and rich history which await you.  This is the best place for a vacation well known across the state, and so far, it has been said to have the best variety of fish available and now this spot is known to you.



6. State: TEXAS
Spot/Town: Austin

pennybacker bridge austin fishing town

Pennybacker bridge, Austin, TX, Fish from here through Lake Austin Colorado river up into Lake Travis Copyright:www.123rf.com/profile_drewpdrawers

Lake Austin which was formerly called Lake McDonald is located on the Colorado River, Texas, in the United States of America. It was formed into a reservoir back in 1939, and currently, mostly used for water recreation as well as the  generation of power and of course for fishing. Lake Austin is a very popular fishing destination and is said to be packed with a very large variety of fish which includes numerous species of sunfish, catfish, etc.

Lake Austin has a lot of largemouth bass, catfish and bluegill fish. While not only for fishing, Lake Austin will also provide you with a breathtaking memorable experience while you fish. Night-time and the summer season are said to be the best time to hunt for fish here. Lake Austin is a very busy spot with different kinds of boats for fishing cruising the beautiful river at all times.

Throughout the year, you’ll get to see water-skiers, tourists, fishing boats and floating boats moving along the passages of Lake Austin. Visiting Lake Austin for fishing is a very pleasant experience. New cultures, eating habits and general way of life along the shores are to be encountered as you cruise your boat through Lake Austin, yes its actually a river that runs through Austin Texas and comes back down through the point at Lake Austin on the river and then heads to Lake Travis.

Fish, water ski, cruise starting along the river from the Penny Back Bridge, through Lake Austin on the Colorado river up through Lake Travis and onto the Colorado river again. You might want to start at or around Penny Back Bridge and head toward Lake Austin. Be aware, this is a busy area, and you may need to cruise away farther from the city closer to Lake Travis to avoid the busy crowds of the inner city inhabitants enjoying their river paradise.

Stay in the big city of Austin, or one of the smaller fishing towns from the Lake Austin river point through to Lake Travis. Perhaps just go to the Lake Travis fishing spot itself. If you google the reviews of the river in this area its all 5 star. Enjoy.



7. State: Montana
Spot/Town: Bighorn River, to Big Horn Lake

bighorn river best fishing towns along here

Bighorn River Canyon Copyright:www.123rf.com/profile_albertoloyo

The Bighorn River is a very large river and is held as one of the best fishing spots to catch fish in the United States of America. They have some of the best remote river fishing experiences of more than any other spot in the US. Then add to that there is usually lots to catch because of the fact its difficult to access.

Most spots are remote, and there are a lot of little hot spots along the river but very tricky to get at some of these. However this is what makes the fishing experience a soul pleasing and serene adventure on the big horn. Only a very few and otherwise professional fishermen are allowed to explore some areas on this river and most often times, there is a set limit of fish a particular fisherman is allowed to catch. Fish from the Yellowstone river where the Big Horn river starts and winds all the way down to BigHorn Lake.

There is a large dam called Yellow tail dam in the Fort Smith National Recreation Area with a small after bay campground area. From here you will have to hop the dam and portage to continue on in the deeper parts eventually leading down to the Big Horn Lake Montana/Wyoming area.

This might be a good start if you do not know where to begin. You can fish here, then head to smaller fishing lodges down river, or up river past the dam into the deeper waters eventually to Big Horn Lake. Lots of fishing to do and what a cool secluded river system to do it in.

All kinds of small fishing towns and lodges await you and your tackle along this mighty and rustic stretch of river.

Ultimate Guide to Fishing the Big Horn Video, Super Resource to Plan your Fishing Trip. Covers everything you need to know and then some.




8. State: New York
Spot/Town: Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River


best fishing towns in the United States

Thousand Islands Fishing Paradise Copyright:www.123rf.com/profile_jiawangkun


It’s one of the vastest fishing spots in the US, having the capacity to reel in multiple fish species like bull-head, channel cats, perch, and Northern pike, etc. in large sizes. Even the one in 10,000 cast legendary muskie fish.

It is highly recommended that fisher men and women visit this pristine and beautiful fishing areas quaint towns during summer, and an inexperienced man/woman should not delve into the waters alone or without adequate supervision. Some big muskie and pike swim the waters.

But yes, seriously some places the water is deep, and with fast currents, various depths, and drop offs, maybe a boat would be best to bring along to fish this extraordinary large river system that borders Canada. Or just find a great little marina run by awesome friendly fishing folk.




9. State: Minnesota
Spot/Town: Lake of the Woods

lake of the woods best fishing town usa

Northern Minnesota Fishing Town Hotspot in the USA lake shore bordering Canada with pines and aspens in autumn color below dramatic clouds Copyright: www.123rf.com/profile_designsource09


This is also called the prime headquarters or walleye capital of the world and a great spot for anglers and walleye fish lovers. Although, as avid fishermen ourselves, Lake Erie has also produced a great many fish for us. However this is a beautiful area, rustic, and pure. Fishing is usually in high supply and demand at certain points of the year, especially from Mid-year to October months.

Lake of the woods offers all year round some of the best fishing experiences you can ever find. It is one of the best fishing towns/places across the United States to get the best fishing experience of your life including going ice fishing. The important thing to note is its a mid size lake and its northerly and out of the way, with little fishing pressure so those hungry walleye will bite most of your lures.

The Lake of the Woods also offers outdoor activities for those who might not have an interest in fishing. Camping, and hiking, and exploring the wilderness makes this a great spot not just for fishing alone. You can also get a good dose of fresh air in the outdoors here and clear your mind of stress while enjoying nature. Being in the woods has a calming and surreal, relaxing effect, on the mind, body, and soul.




10. State: Maryland
Spot/Town: The Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay Top USA Fishing Spot

Fishing pier on the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland at sunset Copyright:www.123rf.com/profile_flownaksala

Not to be missed is yet another top fishing town and one of the best fishing spots in the USA. Here, you will find a variety of world class sea aquatic animals like crabs, striped bass, rockfish, bluefish, speckled trout, croaker, etc. located all on the Chesapeake Bay. Not to mention one of the best saltwater sheepshead fishing areas around.

The Chesapeake Bay is a bay situated at the middle of the Atlantic region, and it is said to be the longest estuary in North America. The Bay is estimated to be 200 miles long and 2.8 miles wide as it is the home of wildlife, great wine, and a host of several aquatic fish species to fish and feed on.

Fishing on the Chesapeake Bay is a must do for every angler and every tourist that wants to try out fishing. Forget about being a newbie in case you are at fishing. There are lots of charter fishing guides to hire to do the work for you and help you catch fish. Chesapeake Bay is a mix of the salty water from the ocean and the fresh water from the rivers which brings about species like striped bass, bluefish, sea trout, etc. Head up to the nearest hotel at one of the best fishing towns in America at Chesapeake Bay.




11. State: Michigan
Spot/Town: Lake St. Clair,


Lake St Clair Has Many Top Fishing Towns

Lake St Clair Hosts lots of rustic camping and fishing towns around it

Lake St. Clair is a lake which lies between Ontario, Canada, and Michigan. The United States is a great home for sports fisherman to come from around the world having some of the best fish and fishing practices in the world. Most of the fish found in this lake are the Legendary Muskie and Pike fish, perch, walleye, small mouth bass, bluegill and crappie. Some good catfishing and drum fishing too if you know the right spots.

Fishing is very much sought after in Lake St Clair due to the presence of yellow perch and walleye. There are all kinds of small beautiful fishing towns all around this beautiful lake on both sides of the border. The Canadian side is a popular spot for Americans to stay for getting tons of mileage from their american dollars with the exchange rate.

I have met many an American fisherman and duck hunter on the Canadian side of the lake enjoying themselves. American outdoors men and women are a welcome tourist addition to the small campgrounds, bait shops, and eateries around Lake St Clair in Canada. But don’t worry there are lots of fishing towns on the American side of this popular shallow lake, marsh delta too, and they would love for you to stay with them regardless of the bonus you get on exchange rates between countries.

The fish of 10000 casts? Not on Lake St Clair it wont take that many to get a trophy Musky. Best Place in the USA for catching big musky fish. I highly recommend live target lures of all kinds on Lake St Clair. They are what we use and catch alot of fish.



12. State: Colorado
Spot/Town: Colorado Lake

colorado lake fishing best spot usa

Colorado mountain lake panorama in the rocky mountains Copyright:www.123rf.com/profile_poendl

The Colorado River is an extremely long river which spans about 1450 miles in length spreading across cities like California, Arizona, Utah, and even Mexico making these cities all best of the best fishing towns in America far and wide as the river flows.

The river contains a variety of fish which includes salmon and trout and the best time to go fishing in this river is during the summer period. The Colorado River is also home to various species of fishes which includes largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, Striped bass, Rainbow trout, Walleyes, and Catfish. Remember its a big river, and fish migrate according to food, and water temperature, so be sure to check the guides in any fish town you decide to visit beforehand to see whats in season.

Whether it’s by boat or by the shore, anglers in the Colorado River are at home at one of the best fishing towns in America and take home their fair share of fish from that river every day. Lets leave the river for a moment and consider you want a more pristine fishing environment exclusive from crowds, with peace and tranquility at a Colorado Lake.

Grand Lake outside of Rocky Mountain National Park is what your looking for. There are also several more smaller lake fishing towns that you may wish to visit after experiencing the largest lake first. Thank me after your delicious fresh fish dinner.




13. State: Wisconsin
Spot/Town: Minocqua

Lake Minocqua Wisconsin small fishing town usa

Lake Minocqua is located in northwoods Wisconsin and is a popular summer vacation destination.

Wisconsin is a state in the US where it is well known that everybody born there is also born to fish and in Minocqua, a small community in Wisconsin, everybody there is built to fish. It is the kind of community where every individual must fish all day because its the thing to do here.

Fishing is the most prominent part of this community, and the lake provides a very high variety of fish which include Muskellunge, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Trout, and Walleye.

Fishing is a must learn to do occupation in this best fishing town of Minocqua and if by chance you tend to visit there, get ready to become an all day every day fishermen yourself. Beautiful little pristine getaway spot for some summer fishing. No sense wasting time deciding, they are waiting for you to join them.




14. State: Alabama
Spot/Town: Guntersville

Lake Guntersville USA Best Fishing Town

Lake Guntersville, bridge over Tennessee river, Alabama, USA, water and sky ahhh to be there bass pole in hand Copyright:123rf.com/profile_hildeanna

Guntersville is known to be the home of Large and Small bass fishing all across the United States of America and also a home stop for all the regular bass tournaments nationwide.

Guntersville is referred to as the Holy Mecca of Bass fish because of its high bass production rates, and it has grown to become one of the best fishing towns in Alabama. Fishing is the driving force for the economy of Guntersville and they welcome tourist dollars from fishing and would love to have you come along and stay for awhile.

If your a bass fisherman and really who isn’t, then this is a must fishing town for you. The epic fight of a large and small mouth bass is legendary fun. Especially when you hook up with big fish above 5 lbs. I have had big bass straighten out hooks on me so make sure you use only the best hooks and tackle when fishing bass. I’m not kidding.




15. State: ALASKA
Spot/Town: Kobuk River Delta

Kobuk river small fishing towns Alaska USA

Picturesque Mountains of Alaska in summer. Snow covered massifs, glaciers and rocky peaks. Copyright:www.123rf.com/profile_kamchatka

Kobuk is a best fishing town located at the northwest region in Alaska, and the Kobuk River is located across the Arctic in the northwestern region of Alaska. The Kobuk River is measured about 280 miles long with a maximum width of approx 1500 feet at one point and its said to be the largest river in Alaska. The natives of the town here have hunted and fished across this area for more than two millennia, and the river has been a very important and

historic route for water transportation among the native people.

Nevertheless, the river is said to be abundant with several forms of the best fish to catch in the US. It is said that Kobuk Rivers have the very best fishing experiences that the far north has to offer with an abundance of certain kinds of fish like Kobuk Sheefish, Arctic Grayling, Chum salmon and Northern Pike.

Kobuk is a very good place to explore to boost up your fishing experience. A top Alaskan best fishing town USA spot for the true north adventurer. I leave you now with the option of viewing a mesmerizing true north paradise video below courtesy of YouTube and uploaded by Go Traveler who allow embedding of this video.



Get your rv or boat ready, hook it up to the truck and get going now to as many of the best fishing towns in America that you can. Or hop on a plane, train, or bus with your back pack, camping, and fishing gear and enjoy.


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