Coral reefs across the warm waters of the world have always attracted an industry of divers and snorkelers to explore and tackle new locations. Even though our coral is experiencing a great deal of peril, the reefs that are still up and kicking continue to be popular tourism destinations, accounting for billions of dollars in commerce every year.

Scuba Diving Coral Reefs: 4 Best Ocean Reefs To Dive 1Scuba Diving Coral Reefs: 4 Best Ocean Reefs To Dive 3

The money, however, is an insignificant factor in the eyes of ocean lovers. These coral reef scuba diving destination systems are a spectacle to say the least. Bright coral, rare fish, and blue waters all draw crowds to these locations because they provide an opportunity found nowhere else. Getting up close to these animals is nothing less than an adventure all on its own. If you like going to the zoo, you’ll be even more amazed by what you’ll find around the world’s most amazing coral reefs.

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Best Coral Reef Scuba Diving Destinations


Best Coral Reefs to Scuba Dive

Two free divers exploring coral reef wall with vivid marine life in the red sea. Egypt Copyright:

Coral Scuba Diving Hot Spot The Great Barrier Reef

Scuba Diving Great Barrier Reef Australia

Aerial view of Arlington coral reef at the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns in Tropical North Queensland, Queensland, Australia. A Scuba Diving Coral Reef Best Place to Dive in the Entire World Copyright:


Scuba Diving Coral Reefs: 4 Best Ocean Reefs To Dive 5Scuba Diving Coral Reefs: 4 Best Ocean Reefs To Dive 7When people think of coral reefs, the first that comes to mind tends to be the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns Area, Queensland. Not only is it the largest reef that we know of (you can actually see it from outer space!), but it also one of the healthiest and it is quite impressive in its other qualities.

It is big, beautiful, and full of natural life. This huge reef system is made up of almost 3,000 individual reefs which all come together in harmony to host a grand symphony of diverse populations of rare and exotic species. There are hundreds of ledges, caverns, and corners to explore, so no wonder it attracts thousands of tourists and coral reef scuba diving explorers every single year.

The local aboriginals of the area also hold it dear, believing the area to be sacred due to its ancient mystery. The white sand beaches of Australia have many ports which stay filled with ferries year-round, allowing anyone who wants to visit a chance to see this international treasure.

The reverence of the Great Barrier Reef is no mistake or overcompensation; it truly is as magical as they come. Still, if you make a modest income or aren’t interested in going all the way to Australia, don’t fret. There are many, many other coral reef scuba diving systems sprawled out across the world’s oceans just waiting for you to take a peak.


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Coral Reef Scuba Diving the Florida Keys

Florida Keys Coral Scuba Diving

The Florida Keys are One of the Best Places for Scuba Diving Coral Copyright:


Another great example is the Florida Keys reef. Only about five miles from the coast of Florida, divers and snorkelers across the Americas love this place since it is accessible and absolutely gorgeous. This area grew in notoriety mainly because it is quite abundant in life; you will always find schools of fish swimming around the area.

Scuba Diving Coral Reefs: 4 Best Ocean Reefs To Dive 9Scuba Diving Coral Reefs: 4 Best Ocean Reefs To Dive 11

The reef, like so many others, plays a key part in the aquatic ecosystem, offering a natural feeding and breeding ground for so many local lifeforms. There are also shallow reefs which are especially popular for beginner explorers and tourists, but the area is dotted with shipwrecks and other novelties which are excellent for an advanced team.

The preservation authorities have also conveniently placed buoys in choice locations to protect the reef systems from anchors, which will easily smash and destroy the coral, contributing to the already dire threat levels to this creature. Make sure you have the best equipment for looking at these natural wonders. Or perhaps grab a spare. You never know when something might give out.


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Don’t Miss Coral Reef Scuba Diving the Bahamas

Scuba Diving Bahama Coral Reefs

Go scuba diving coral at the at one of the best places in the world at the beautiful bahamas islands Copyright:


Scuba Diving Coral Reefs: 4 Best Ocean Reefs To Dive 13Scuba Diving Coral Reefs: 4 Best Ocean Reefs To Dive 15If you’re at all familiar with coral reefs, you’ve probably heard that the Bahamas region is world renowned for its bright, lively coral. The clear and nutrient-rich waters offer a perfect view, and the water is relatively shallow, allowing for a quick entrance to this phenomenal dive spot. The ocean diving conditions for one of the most popular spots, the Orange Bowl, are near-perfect at all times of the year.

The water generally doesn’t dip below 80℉, and the water visibility allows for 80-100 feet, more than covering the 60 foot depths of this reef. Also, like many other tropical locations, the life is excessive and lovely. Tourists in this area commonly see schools of fairy basslets, Atlantic triggerfish, and a plethora of other species when scuba diving coral at this site.

Be warned, though: sharks also like to frequent these waters! Not to worry, though. Just be cautious and respectful and you’re not likely to experience any problems. Maybe put on some camo pattern instead of black so you do not look like a seal.


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Coral Reefs of Tubbataha Philippines a Scuba Diving Must Dive

Tubbatah Ocean Reef Scuba Diving

Tubbataha Reef Scuba Diving Ultimate Destination Copyrightr:


Finally, the Tubbataha Reef in the Philippines is also quite a notable coral reef scuba diving destination. This national park is famous for its preservation atolls which are home to rare species of birds and fish, offering a safe space for them to thrive while still keeping them open to public viewing.

Scuba Diving Coral Reefs: 4 Best Ocean Reefs To Dive 17Scuba Diving Coral Reefs: 4 Best Ocean Reefs To Dive 19

Location near the center of the Sulu Sea, this area is protected by UNESCO, which declared the area a World Heritage Site due to its high density of diverse and at-risk fish populations. This reef has even been nominated to be one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The Tubbataha Reef is part of the Coral Triangle which contains 75% of known coral species and an astounding 40% of the world’s fish. A best place to go scuba diving coral for sure.

The area has been at risk mainly due to destructive fishing practices and climate change, but preservation initiatives have gone underway to protect this and many other reef systems. Still, the area is home to 360 types of coral, 600 fish species, 13 dolphin and whale breeds, and over 100 types of birds. The sharks are also diverse. 11 types, including tiger and blacktip sharks, also roam the area.


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Scuba Diving Coral Reefs is Awesome!

If you’ve never been scuba diving, you’re missing out on quite a spectacular treat. Floating weightless through the open sea is a truly moving experience, and to see the huge variety of oceanic creatures up close in person is incomparable to seeing them on a screen. It truly is something else, and coral reefs are some of the most popular locations due to their own natural beauty as well as the biodiversity that they are home to. There are endless corners of the ocean to scuba dive coral and explore!