Bluefish Saltwater Deep Sea Fishing

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Bluefish Fishing Hotspots

Bluefish fishing is incredibly popular in the northeast.  Bluefish can be found on nearly every coast on the Atlantic Ocean.  When they are very young, they are called snappers and are often the very first fish young anglers catch.  Bluefish are very aggressive feeders and that makes them easy to catch.

Light tackle enthusiasts can count on getting into as many fish as they want until their arms get tired. No matter what the conditions, there is always somewhere to fish in the protected waters of the west. Most of the preferred locations are within sight of New York City.

They are very tough fighters and a great challenge on light tackle.  Bluefish can tolerate a very wide variety of water temperatures and salinity.  By the time they reach two years old, bluefish are ready to start breeding.  They rarely get larger than 20 lbs.  There are countless bluefish fishing techniques as they can be targeted on almost any tackle.


Catch Bluefish Fishing Easily From Boat or Shore

Bluefish fishing can be easily be done from a boat or on shore. Wire leaders are essential to successfully catching these fish; their razor sharp teeth are capable of cutting even 80lb fluorocarbon leaders.

Best Baits for Bluefish Fishing

The use of a specific set of artificial baits is the best bet. Zeroing in on what works best in both artificial and live bait to make the most of your day out on the water.Anglers use a variety of plugs, sand eel type jigs, squid, or mackerel-like lures when casting or trolling. Mackerel or eels are the preferred live baits. When these are not available, many types of cut bait also work.


The summer bite in the western Long Island Sound gets into full swing around mid July. The numbers of fish have increased steadily over the past several years. The amazing amount of bait, especially spearing and baby bunker, have certainly played a factor.


Key to Catching More Bluefish

Birds are the best tool an angler can use when bluefish fishing. If you understand the implication of different behaviors, you will be led straight to a hot-spot. For example, if you see a group of birds circling high above large patches of water, this may be a sign that there is a school of fish below the surface, but too deep for them to reach.

Another common sight is when a string of birds is flying low in a line above the water; this is usually a sign that there is some surface activity and the birds want in on it. This is the perfect opportunity to strike, but the moment will pass if you do not react quickly!

Finally, if a large group of birds are sitting near or on the water, this is usually a sign that a feeding just took place. The bluefish might have swam down deeper, but they will most likely be in close vicinity and still available for catch.


As Always Patience My Friends

As any fisherman knows, when fishing, patience is a virtue. It certainly is not a one-hour activity. Make sure you have a full day free before setting off, or you will most likely go home empty handed. That being said, bluefish are a great sport fishing game fish due to their small but potent size. Not only that, but when cooked properly, these guys are said to be meaty, tender, and even more flavorful than a summer flounder. Best of luck and happy fishing!