The great barracuda is another tropical fish which prefers warm salt waters. This long and slender creature could almost be mistaken for an eel if looked at from afar, but, while less agile, they are quite a bit quicker and more lucrative.

Spending most of their time offshore near reefs and shipwrecks, these fish have jagged teeth and range from around 50 to 80 pounds, although large ones weigh in excess of 100 pounds.


Barracuda Salt Water Fish Deep Sea Fishing

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Often caught while fishing for something else

Barracuda are reportedly often found while deep sea fishing and  searching for other game like sharks. Some anglers report having caught another fish and, while reeling it in, seeing a larger barracuda pounce from out of nowhere onto their catch! Be on the lookout for any strange water movement.


Quick fishing tip for deep sea fishing the Barracuda

Now, the first and most essential tip for catching these guys is to use wire line. Standard fishing line is far too flimsy when deep sea fishing for these big saltwater game fish and can easily be penetrated by the sharp teeth possessed by these aquatic demons.

Once hooked, as long as you have strong line, the barracuda will most likely be yours as they have fairly weak stamina. Be prepared though, these saltwater fish like to jump!

Saltwater Fishing Gear

Standard medium-weight setups tend to work fine for barracuda on the smaller side, but saltwater spinning gear is recommended if you’re aiming for the adults. Longer rods (exceeding 7 ft) are necessary when fishing with lures, but shorter rods will generally do the trick if using live bait. Don’t get too nervous though about your gear, conventional setups do just fine with these fish, and both baits and lures can lead to success.

Another tip to remember is that barracuda have excellent eyesight in comparison to other commonly fished species, so don’t use hooks that are too large while deep sea fishing Barracuda. Different methods’ success do tend to vary by region, though. The rule of thumb states that, if your method isn’t working, try something else the next day. Also, remember that barracuda tend to travel alone, so don’t expect a whole school to come swimming by.


What do these Barracuda like to eat

Most large fish enjoy many different types of smaller fish for a midday snack: mackerel, small bonita, or sardines are usually preferred by saltwater fishing anglers. These fish are fairly small, which helps to combat the tendency of barracuda to bite the tail from a fisherman’s bait before coming back for seconds a bit later. Also, with that in mind, remember not to reel in the catch too early; the barracuda might just be testing the bait.


Where do you find these Elusive Saltwater Fish then?

The most common question asked by anglers searching for this fish is, “where do I find the big ones?” The southern regions of the Pacific ocean, as well as the Caribbean, are the two most common spots for deep sea fishing for barracuda, although Africa is home to a small but significant population of giant ones. Essentially, anywhere tropical will bring good luck when searching for this fish.


Careful Now! Watch those Fish Teeth

Now that you’ve caught your trophy fish, remember to be wary while handling it because these fish are no jokes when it comes to their teeth. Do not forget how dangerous their bite can be; anglers around the world have lost chunks of skins or even entire fingers in some cases to these beasts sharp fish teeth. Check out these beautiful Barracuda Pictures

Also, it is ESSENTIAL to remove the toxin before cooking if you’ve caught a fully grown barracuda. Besides that, get your gear together, prepare for a slimy but delicious deep sea fish burger when your done, and happy fishing!


Barracuda Facts Video

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Yes the video says its a schooling fish and we said its a lone predator. But we are both right, as the young Barracuda do travel in schools for protection. The BIG adults fully matured become solo hunters and have no such need for schooling. Other than to use them to feed on now!


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