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We are avid Outdoor Enthusiasts, and love water sports and everything about the Water. Ocean salt water fish and deep sea fishing, along with coral reefs and scuba diving to whale watching and really bad fish jokes and so much more. We are your Crazy Canadian Fishermen Hosts.

Learn all about the Sheepshead Fish With Teeth, Sheepshead Bay and Tourist Information, Black Drumfish and Red Drum Saltwater Fish and Deep Sea Fishing. With Sharks and other Big Game Fish Here at our site.

Plans to grow include Blue Whales, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Coral Reefs, Boating, Rafting, Canoeing, and anything else you can do on, in, or around the water. But it will take some time. Yup, fishing gets in the way…

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Do you have Problems? Concerns? Yup us too, but the only Problem you will have with us is missing out on the best in Outdoor Living and Water Sports Opportunities, Tips, Tricks, and Fun So Join us today we wont be a problem but instead try to be part of the solution to the outdoor equation in your life.

You do not want to miss out.  Join Us Now, that way we can relax and fish and camp, and then on rainy stormy days when the waves are 10 feet high we can post and add to our site and our blog and you can sit and enjoy the posts along with us without missing a thing or having to check the site for new content because you will have it first hand! We can all get together on our off days and enjoy and ponder over our past and future outdoor activities to come.

Yup, We love to fish, swim, camp, shoot guns and all other kinds of fun stuff so it might take me, Dad, BD or Big Daddy, (yes I am huge) but don’t worry we will be friends I promise, lots of time as I am the only one who can type.

Lol,,,,sheesh… cmon guys learn to type…. so any how… just kidding around. I get the pleasure of putting the site together for your enjoyment, as well as mine too. It will keep me busy on stormy days in between fishing and campfires and having a few beers with my bbq’d fish. Or maybe I’ll be playing with my smoker, loading up some hickory or apple or peach wood chips for smoking my fish. Oops, did I just give away my favorite, secret smoking technique?

Sheepshead Saltwater Fish Deep Sea Fishing

Sheepshead Saltwater Fish Deep Sea Fishing

Why this Crazy Canadian Fishermen Site at Sheepshead.ca?

We all need stress relief

Oh yes back to the problem. Camping, fishing, boating etc all take my mind off of problems and hopefully by reading our blog and sites pages and occasionally drooling over and dreaming about super new fishing rods, reels, boats, scuba gear etc along with us your problems will slip away too.

I have so much I want to do for all of you, and my children, (I have 4) all boys. That it will be tough for me to get this site completely built out in a short period of time. I have to fish, swim, and camp all summer long to free my soul and relax and unwind in between posting and trying to help our readers with various outdoor related items, answering questions, providing facts, product reviews, and fishing tips. Writing about them helps to relive the crazy fun times.

The Good News? You can Join Us too.

You Can Join us by bookmarking and sharing. It will be a fun Journey with new and exiting pages and  posts of different things at different times on different water recreation and fishing stuff. Hey if its not in your area of interest just hit up the menu and find a page of your liking.

Maybe your a whale watcher or scuba diver and not a fisherman thats ok, we still like you. Just hang around for more pages in that area. Sorry if they take awhile. We might be out fishing or enjoying water activities ourselves. You never know when some weird and crazy page or post on something will come along that you are interested in.


About Us Your Crazy Canadian Fishermen Hosts at Sheepshead.ca

Your 3 Crazy Canadian Fishermen

Here we are in order by age your hosts in water recreation:

  1. BD Big Daddy Fisherman aka Gary  the Fun Take it Cool Fisherman
  2. Mr C Serious Fisherman aka Chris Look out this is Serious Business
  3. B-Rad the I’m to Hyper to stop Casting for a minute Fisherman aka Brad

Yup that’s us crazy Canadian fishermen pictured below, almost exact replicas done in Fun Cartoon Style Just like the fun and care free way we like to enjoy outdoor recreation.


Big Daddy aka The Crazy Old Man

About Us Page for a Crazy Canadian Fisherman

Big Daddy is nuts about fishing for the hugest of Muskie Fish for the Monster Sport that they are and also for the smaller Perch Fish he loves to leisurely fish for all day long. Why? Because they are delicious. Me Him I, lol,,, loves to swim, boat, and fish and pretty good at all 3 after doing so for many years.

Yup 49 years young this year. oops 50 now, and will stay that way. So crazy of a Canadian Fishermen he is worried that the Russians are coming to steal his fish so he has to stay out for hours…. not really, just kidden…. but fool around and you will be thrown overboard.

Favorite Freshwater Fish > Muskie, Walleye, Perch

Favorite Saltwater Fish >Tuna, Bluefish, Sheepshead, Halibut


Mr C …. Get Out of My Way this is Serious Business

About Mr C Canadian Fisherman

Mr C Loves the Walleyes and Fishes hard for ole Golden Eyes and is the Catfishing King. He does not fool around and gets upset if in a derby and people are fooling around. When its time to fish its time to fish Hard! Chris is the oldest son and is 25 years old. His goal to become a professional fishermen.

Yes he is already, but money wise, I mean, maybe some day this site, together with sponsors or donations, or earnings could make it come true. Everyone is always asking him to take them fishing. He is a true guide except he receives no money for his services ….yet…. Buddy you are a nice but Crazy Canadian Fishermen, start charging these free loaders. lol….

Favorite Freshwater Fish > Catfish, Trout, Salmon

Favorite Saltwater Fish > Grouper, Swordfish, Marlin


B-Rad the Intense Hyper Active Crazy Canadian Fisherman

About Brad Canadian Fisherman

B-Rad Loves all fish but tends to target Trout fishing and perch and crappie and other pan fish for fun and good eating. He is super hyper and the confines of a boat although he loves is never enough room for the constant pacing and running around he does. Crazy Canadian Fishermen Brad has hyper active fishing disorder, and since its incurable, we have no other choice but to feed and sustain his habit.

Favorite Freshwater Fish > Trout, Salmon, Walleye

Favorite Saltwater Fish > Sharks, The Great Barracuda, Whales


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